Chickens For Sale

Copper Black maran  based she lays around 300 eggs in her first year.A beautiful black bird with copper flecks in her feathers. £16

Bluebell She lays around 280 eggs in her first year. She is the largest hybrid we have but she has such a sweet nature £16

Sussex A large breed happy in the garden lays around 280 eggs in her first year £16

Blue Egg Layers  These are hybrid blue egg layers . We have a variety of colours in these hens £22

Warren  Excellent every day brown egg layers. Will lay 320 eggs in their first year . Ideal for first time poultry keepers and children. These birds are a commercial egg layer with a very friendly personality . £10

White Star This is the smallest of our hybrids a real dainty bird but still lays plenty of large white eggs.lays around 320 in her first year. £16

Speckledy They are a Maran cross that sometimes lays speckled eggs .You can expect around 280 in her first year. An attractive bird that loves attention £16

Columbian Blacktail. A very friendly chicken capable off laying 300+ eggs in her first year. Ideal for first time chicken keepers £16

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